PricingWe have one of the best in class pricing model available today!
We are confident about our quality and thus, we do not believe in any contracts or a one time payment!

Lowest Price

We assure you the lowest prices in the class and category of courses that we are offering.

    Unlike many other Ed-Tech companies, we do not charge $40 - $50 per class. Our prices are much more reasonable and at the same time, we assure you the best quality of education.

  • Lowest Price in class
  • 8 Sessions a month
  • 2 Sessions a week
  • 1 hour session each
  • 60 min of pure learning

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No Contracts!

We believe in our quality and thus, we do not want our students or their parents to get in any contracts!

    Our course is designed in a very unique way, so, students can learn topic by topic and if need be, can take a break in-between too!

  • No Contract
  • No Obligations
  • 100% Flexibility
  • 100% Freedom
  • Best Quality Education

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Pay as your Learn

Pay as you learn, we are not asking you to pay any EMI, just pay a regular fee per month.

    We offer pay as you learn! So, parents do not have to bare a huge burden of paying the fee in one go! The best part is, most of the course content is designed to allow breaks in between. So, students can also concentrate on their academic education when needed!

  • Flexible Payment Options
  • No One Time Payment
  • Lear as per your convenience
  • Balanced Course Content
  • Wide range of payment options

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