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Welcome to Desi Dialect

Desi Dialect is a unit of Quality Geeks Professional Services LLP a premium ISO 9001 certified company. Desi Dialect is a unique training company offering quality education to kids across the globe.

We offer a very unique 1 on 1 training model with our motto – “Why learn from a Machine when you can learn from a Human”

Training offered ranging from learning traditional dialects spoken in India to Vedic Math and Abacus. Also offering modern training like – Coding and Robotics. We ensure a holistic 360 degrees of training curriculum for kids to ensure they not just develop a new skill but become master of it!

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Under the brand Desi Dialect, we offer courses globally on Indian Languages, Abacus and Vedic Math (Mental Math)

Our Method of Training

Unlike other in the market, we do not intend to let children learn from machines or watch videos online. We have specially trained teachers who are capable of making learning fun for kids and yet ensuring that the real purpose of training is served.

We concentrate more on practical application of knowledge and not just theory. We ensure that by the end of curriculum, children are fully capable of handling situations based on their training.

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